Social Innovation Conversations — Annual Survey

Continuing the results of The Conversations Network’s 2010 annual survey…

Social Innovation Conversations

  • Didn’t know about it: 30% (16% last year)
  • Never listen: 18% (17%)
  • Listen occasionally, often or regularly: 52% (67%)

How did you discover Social Innovation Conversations?

  • Link from another web site: 31% (same as last year)
  • Another podcast: 18% (wasn’t a choice last year)
  • Search engine: 16% (13%)

Satisfaction was consistently “good” (as opposed to “poor” or “excellent”) for all criteria: content quality, audio quality, diversity, sophistication and overall. (Same as last year.)

“Eric and Alana’s Conversations Update” (our newsletter):

  • 71% don’t receive it (65% last year)
  • 11% receive it but don’t read it (10%)

Of those who do read it (18% this year, 24% last year):

  • 16% say it’s very valuable (19%)
  • 56% say it’s of moderate value (56%)
  • 28% say it’s of little value (25%)

Respondents gave the highest priority to the following topics (in order):

  • Education
  • Environment and energy
  • Social entrepreneurship

The topics given the lowest priority were animal welfare and religion. Common themes from the free-form answers included (in order of frequency):

  • Technology in social innovation
  • Human rights
  • Sustainability
  • Non-profit government and management

We asked, “What other [resources] would you like SIC to bring to your attention?”

  • Blogs, web sites, podcasts: 73% (83% last year)
  • Lectures: 60%
  • Conferences: 51%
  • Magazines: 32%
  • and to a lesser extent: newspapers, workshops and week-long programs.

Regarding our SIC Facebook page:

  • 43% don’t use Facebook
  • 49% said “Don’t change anything.”

56% (54% last year) were aware that our SIC channel is produced in partnership with the Stanford Center for Social Innovation.

84% told us that the content of SIC was relevant to their country. 58% said they were in the U.S.

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