Interviewed on TWiT Photo

I was honored to be the featured guest on TWiT Photo, which normally features only the very best professional photographers. The on-demand video (and audio-only version) are now live. While the usual hosts +Leo Laporte and +Catherine Hall were in Norway, I had a terrific time with stand-in co-hosts +Trey Ratcliff and +Sarah Lane. And thanks to +Tony Wang for putting the show together. Hope you enjoy.

[I was particularly impressed with the skills of the TWiT team. I’ve always appreciated Sarah’s on-screen talents, but it’s not until you sit down on a set with her that you realize how good she is at listening and keeping the show moving. And Tony not only runs the show, but has the uncanny ability to switch in web pages and images almost before they’re mentioned, even when he doesn’t know what’s coming. True professionals.]