The Conversations Network — Annual Survey Results

A few weeks ago we published the results of the annual survey of members. Beginning with this post, I’ll be blogging the results of the larger survey of all registered members of The Conversations Network. While is our 14-month old site for finding and sharing all spoken-word audio and video, The Conversations Network survey covers our proprietary channels: IT Conversations, Social Innovation Conversations and CHI Conversations. As of this date, the new survey has been completed by 302 members versus 461 last year. (The new survey is still open.) Note that last year’s data are shown in [square brackets].

How do you listen to The Conversations Network?

How do you listen to podcasts?

  • Computer: 56% [57%]
  • Portable device: 76% [75%]
  • Burn to CD/DVD: 7% [6%]

Do you subscribe to one or more of our RSS feeds?

  • Yes: 60% [83%] This question was asked in a somewhat different manner last year.

For those who subscribe to RSS feeds, what software or service do you use?

  • Google Reader/FeedFetcher: 25% [25%]
  • iTunes/Mac: 24% [26%]
  • iTunes/Windows: 23% [22%]
  • other: 53% [52%]

Are you an customer?

  • Current customer: 15% [14%]
  • Never been a customer: 66% [72%]
  • Used to be a customer: 19% [14%]

How many programs on The Conversations Network have you heard in the past month?

  • None: 17% [11%]
  • 1: 15% [7%]
  • 2-5: 40% [37%]
  • 6-25: 25% [37%]
  • 26 or more: 2% [8%]

Tomorrow: Social Innovation Conversations

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