PA3: The Final Frontier

Well, perhaps not the final frontier, but here’s what should be the final curriculum for Podcast Academy 3 to be held in less than two weeks (June 15-16) at Yahoo!’s Santa Clara campus. We still have a few seats left, so register now.

Thursday, June 15
8:30-8:45   Registration
8:45-9:00   Welcome
9:00-9:45   Podcasting 101 (Michael Geoghegan, Reel Reviews)
9:45-10:30   Podcast Gear for Any Budget (Paul Figgiani, The Point)
10:30-11:00   break
11:00-11:45   Recording and Editing Interviews (Deirdre Kennedy, Animals Aloud
11:45-12:30   Recording: Microphones and Telephones (Doug Kaye, The Conversations Network)
12:30-1:30   lunch (provided by Yahoo!)
1:30-2:15   Post Production with Audacity (Steve Holden)
2:15-3:00   Beyond the Audio (Darusha Wehm, The Conversations Network)
3:00-3:30   break
3:30-4:15   Using Format to Engage the Listener (Stacy Bond, AudioLuxe)
4:15-5:00   Podcast Publishing (Don Loeb, Feedburner)
Friday, June 16
9:00-9:45   The Secrets of MP3 Files (Doug Kaye, The Conversations Network)
9:45-10:30   Making Money in Podcasting (Michael Geoghegan, Reel Reviews)
10:30-11:00   break
11:00-11:45   Podcast Advertising Sales (Tim Bourquin, The Podcast Brothers)
11:45-12:30   Music Licensing for Podcasts (C.C. Chapman, Podsafe Music Network)
12:30-1:30   lunch (provided by Yahoo!)
1:30-3:00   A Live TWiT Podcast (Leo Laporte and the TWiTs, This Week in Tech)
3:00-3:30   break
3:30-4:15   The Future of Podcasting (Eric Rice,
4:15-4:30   Final Remarks

Happy Birthday, IT Conversations

Today is the third anniversary of the first program published on IT Conversations, renewing our status as the oldest still-publishing podcast. One year ago today I wrote:

IT Conversations now has 553 programs either published or at some stage of post-production and we’re releasing 9-11 each week thanks to the amazing 42 members of Team ITC.

That first program was my interview with Phil Windley, who is now the Executive Producer of IT Conversations. Who would have thought?

Today the total number of shows published or in producton is 1,081, and next week we’ll launch our second channel, with more to follow shortly.