IT Conversations — Annual Survey

Continuing the results of The Conversations Network’s 2010 annual survey…

IT Conversations

  • Didn’t know about it: 13% (5% last year)
  • Never listen: 8% (5%)
  • Listen occasionally, often or regularly: 79% (90%)

How did you discover Social Innovation Conversations?

  • Link from another web site: 29% (33% last year)
  • Another podcast: 18% (wasn’t a choice last year)
  • Search engine: 23% (21%)

Satisfaction was consistently “excellent” (as opposed to “poor” or “good”) for  content quality, audio quality, sophistication and overall. “Diversity” was ranked as only “good”. Last year IT Conversations was rated “excellent” by all criteria.

We used to publish a weekly list of recently published programs.

  • 61% say they would subscribe
  • 39% say they would not

Asked to rate our current series in order of “interest” out of 19 active series:

  1. Interviews with Innovators (Jon Udell) — most interesting
  2. Tech Nation (Moira Gunn)
  3. Emerging Technology (ETech)
  4. Technometria (Phil Windley)
  5. Open Source Conference (OSCON)
  6. StackOverflow
  7. Web 2.0
  8. IEEE Radio Spectrum

[Note: StackOverflow, recently suspended by hosts Jeff and Joel, has been the leader in terms of listenership.]

We asked listeners to tell us what other events we should include. The 66 responses included the following trends:

  1. TED, PopTech! and SuperNova (we can’t get the rights)
  2. vendor-specific events (generally too commercial for ITC)
  3. open-source events such as Apachecon

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