iPod/iPhone Success: The NY Times

With all of my problems and grousing about the iPhone 2.0 upgrade, MobileMe, etc., I do have something positive to say. One 2.0 application I find surprisingly good is the New York Times viewer. Not only is it a clean, simple program (which is mandatory for a small mobile screen), but it turns out to be a great way to read the newspaper. Who knew? Good timing, too, since I just canceled my home-delivery subscription. It appears to be the full stories and there’s just enough of the photos and graphics. None of the other apps I’ve tried are as interesting, and quite a few of them crash rather easily (Movies). One of them even rebooted my iPod Touch (Where). BofA is another handy vendor-specific app. Twitterific also looks pretty good. I may start using that as y primary client. I sort of like having Twitter in a handheld device even while working on a desktop or laptop machine. Something about the immediacy and separateness from my mainstream work.

2 thoughts on “iPod/iPhone Success: The NY Times

  1. One of the neat things about the NY Times application is the Photos tab. It gives you a thumbnail of the photos in the current edition – and clicking on the thumbnail takes you directly to the story. Very nice!


  2. I do wish it worked like an RSS reader an kept track of which articles I’d read or skipped and only showed me “new” content. I can’t always read everything in one pass, so a way to keep track of what I’ve consumed would be a huge help.


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