Road Trip

It’s time to take The Conversations Network mobile. That means two things: (1) a lightweight version of the website design suitable for all mobile browsers, and (2) an iPhone 2.0 dedicated application. The former has been on the to-do list for some time, and the number of requests has been growing steadily. The latter is (for now) just for fun, but I’d love to see what could be done. We need help for both projects.

Question: What’s the latest/best standard for mobile apps? What flavor of XML/HTML, etc? I’m so out of touch on this. The last thing I remember dabbling with was WAP when developing for mobile devices was brand new. Where should I look to ramp-up on developing for mobile browsers?

Opportunity: I don’t have the personal bandwidth to get up-to-speed on iPhone development, but if anyone wants to volunteer to create an iPhone app for The Conversations Network, I’ll gladly handle the back-end development.

AIR: And I’d also love to see an application for The Conversations Network based on Adobe AIR. From the few AIR apps I’ve used to date, I’ve been impressed with the UI as well as the cross-platform installation and update processes.

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