Sales Help Wanted

Even before all this talk of non-profits, I wasn’t doing a particularly good job of finding sponsors or underwriters for our programs. Having only limited sponsorship revenues wasn’t a problem for me, but we have some amazing hosts at IT Conversations who are true professionals and make their livings by producing shows for us and broadcast radio: Moira Gunn (Tech Nation), Larry Magid (Larry’s World), and Rob Greenlee, just to name our regulars. And then there are our semi-pros who host shows less frequently such as Halley Suit (Memory Lane), Phil Windley (Technometria), Scott Mace (Opening Move), Ernest Miller (The Importance of the Law and IT), Denise Howell (Sound Policy), and Dave Slusher (Voices in Your Head). Heck of a list, ain’t it?

We have a terrific stable of hosts and programs and they deserve some income commensurate with their efforts, the quality of their shows, and the size of their audiences, and to achieve that goal, we need the help of a part-time salesperson. So if you’re an independent sales professional and you’d like to sell underwriting slots for what many people believe is the #1 high-end (broadcast quality in every way) podcasting network, here’s a chance. I don’t think there’s yet enough income from IT Conversations alone to feed your family, pay the morgtgage, and make the payments on the Ferrari, but if you start with IT Conversations, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to represent some other high-end podcasters, too, and maybe make a pretty decent living at it, let alone corner the market for podcast ad sales. Interested? Email me at

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