We Need a Name

We need a name for the new project. I’m one of those name-challenged people. When it comes to naming things, my imagination goes to zero. As proof, here are two names I came up with, both of which make my wife’s eyes roll just before she groans: Vox Publicus and CommonsCast. Yeah, groan.

Can you do better? If so, email me your ideas. Don’t post them as comments, because as soon as there’s a good one, some domain jumper will grab it and try and extort money for it. Instead, email your suggestion directly to me at doug@itconversations.com.

I’ve had a few recommendations such as Audiopedia, but I don’t want to limit the vision to audio. We’ll be adding video when the time is right. And think big. This is a global initiative, not limited to IT or even technology.

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