The Slow Death of M4B/AAC

As I threatened, I’m slowly disabling the M4B/AAC feeds for IT Conversations. My goal is to get rid of them altogether. Yes, I know all you iPod users love your bookmarks, but producing and hosting 2x files is going to become a significant issue in the future.

Now the word is that with the new iPod software, you can bookmark MP3s in the same manner as you could with the M4B files. If that’s not the case for you, please let me know the model and software version of your iPod.

In the meantime, I’m sorry that this change has also cause the re-loading of files from the RSS feeds. This was unavoidable since iTunes reasonably suspects that the files are in fact different and new.

One thought on “The Slow Death of M4B/AAC

  1. Actually, I wish all podcasters produced files in this format. Not for the bookmarking feature (which is now available with regular MP3’s), but because this format allows you to change the playback speed on the iPod, so I can listen to a show in 20 or 25% less time than it would normally take.


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