Sound Recording Tips and Techniques

Jon Udell found, a great site with tips for audio recording. Jeff Towne offers this excellent Minidisc Guide. Even with all their faults, I love MDs for remote recording. In fact, using the new 1GB HiMD disks and the new Sony HiMD recorder, I get nearly eight hours on a single disk. Using three HiMD recorders, I was able to record all three tracks of Bloggercon III by just starting recorders in each room and picking them up at the end of the day.

Jeff also reviews Audacity, which I use only in a pinch. Dave Slusher recently had the same type of catastrophic failure I’ve experienced as well. My first choice is Sound Forge.

There are many other interesting tips such as Barrett Golding’s Digital Editing Basics. In one example he shows (but doesn’t describe) an important sound-editing trick. In the example below, notice that he makes his cuts just before the beginning of the sound he’s removing and just before the next sound, not in the breath or even the silence between words. By making your cuts immediately before sound changes (e.g., the start of a new word), the new sound masks the abruptness of your edit. If you make your cuts earlier, you’ll hear them.

Sample Edit

You can spend hours exploring this great site.

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