IT Conversations Discussions

A fair number of listeners have been asking for a way to participate in dicussions about IT Conversations’ shows. What to do? We’ve got Trackbacks, so if you have a blog that sends out Trackback pings, they’ll be added to the program detail pages. And about a year ago I set up one of those discussion-forum packages for IT Conversations, but it was never very popular. Managing the spam wasn’t worth the hassle, so I turned it off. The IT Conversations wiki is working out, but I don’t think that’s a great format for open discussion.

What would you like to see (if anything) as a discussion tool in support of IT Conversations?

2 thoughts on “IT Conversations Discussions

  1. Would be nice if the discussion was right with/on the show announcement/page. Trackbacks are fine but require one to bounce all over the net. I prefer the “blog” comment method over a wiki or forum style.
    Sounds like you’re back to looking at Expression Engine or Drupal 🙂


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