Front License Plate Holders

The Tesla Model 3 comes with a bracket for attaching a front license plate. It’s a simple gadget you affix to the front of the car using an adhesive. There’s just one problem: the car has very nice front-end lines that are ruined by attaching the plate. At least in my opinion and those of many others.

Here in California, a front license plate is required. You can get a “fix-it ticket” for $114. Supposedly — I haven’t tried it — you can then attach your plate, take it to the DMV (or perhaps any local police department) have them inspect the vehicle, and have the ticket reduced to $20. From what I hear, most of these tickets are issued by parking-meter patrols.

I’m not planning to permanently attach my front plate, so to prepare for receiving such ticket(s), I went looking for the best removable front license-plate frame. Here are some I found:

  • The Law. $134.99 from Torklift Central (or at a higher price from elsewhere). It’s “designed for no-touch carwash only”, which is probably true for most or all of these options. My #1 concern is that the plate is mounted in front of the grille. And while the Model 3 doesn’t have a traditional (engine) cooling system, it does have a radiator and coolant system for the main batteries and MCU (computer).
  • Sto n Sho. $94.99 from Big Mikes Performance Parts. I liked the price and the fact that the plate is so easy to remove. However it requires drilling into the underside of the bumper cover (not too big a deal), but also that it extends about an inch below that bumper cover. I’m already scraping the ground when I drive into my garage. This would make that much worse. Plus, like The Law, this bracket blocks the grille.
  • Platypus. $93.00 from CravenSpeed. This is a pretty good solution. The plate is easily removable and when on, it doesn’t block the air intake. It looks a little weird, being mounted off to the side. But if your goal is only to attach the plate for the sake of an inspection, this might be the best (and least expensive) option. The Platypus attaches to the tow-bolt, which on the Model 3 is on the far-left (driver’s) side of the grille. CravenSpeed claims it blocks neither the cooling nor the ultrasonic sensors. And it has a quick-release feature. But did I mention that it looks a little weird?
  • Evannex. $99.95 from Evannex, who also sells The Law, but at a higher price than Torklift Central. This is a very simple device. It uses adhesive to attach to the front bumper cover, but like The Law and the Sto n Show frame, this one blocks the grille. Another no-go for me.
  • The Bandit. $119.00 from 1975 Creations. This is the one I ended up buying and so far, I’m glad I did. First of all, The Bandit doesn’t block the grille or any sensors. It bolts onto the grille, but has arms that reach upwards, positioning the plate above the grille in the same position as Tesla’s own adhesive mount. Second, it’s centered so it doesn’t look weird. Third, it’s removable, although not as easily as The Law, Sto n Show or the Platypus. Still, it’s easy enough to remove and replace and I appreciate the quality of the CNC-machined materials, the quality of the attachment hardware and the completeness of the package including tools.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 2.56.24 PM.png

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