Images from Maui

4654956663_51dfae2425_mI’ve been on Maui for nearly two weeks shooting photos and doing some real work in my spare time. I’ve uploaded some of the images of Ka’anapali Beach, Iao Valley and Haleakalah crater to Flickr. But check out these stunning HDR images by Scott Loftesness from his day trip to Yosemite.

This weekend is the Wa’a Kiakahi festival of Hawaiian sailing canoes, and I’ll have another Flicker set of photos from that event posted soon.

2 thoughts on “Images from Maui

  1. Thanks, Sheralyn. The Iao Valley pictures were taken at sunrise. The wide-angle shots are facing east, towards Wailuku. The park doesn’t officially open until 7am, but I showed up at 6am and there was no one there to keep me from entering and being all alone in Iao Valley. Sweet.


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