Maker Faire Photos

I spent most of Saturday with my old friend, Scott Loftesness, walking and shooting the grounds of Maker Faire 2010 in San Mateo. We didn’t settle the Canon/Nikon argument, but we did spend most of our time with our respective 70-200mm lenses. Scott’s on his 5D MKII and mine on my D90.

It’s interesting to compare the results in our Flickr sets: Scott’s and mine. Not so much to compare cameras, but rather interpretations. Neither Scott nor I really knew what the other was shooting, and certainly not the composition of one another’s individual shots. Seeing how someone else visualizes the exact same subjects is a great way to critique your own interpretations. A lot of improving one’s photography (for me, at least) is working to get beyond capturing the obvious quick snapshot and instead learning to experiment with position, angle, light, depth-of-field and exposure. Looking at Scott’s photos helps me see ways in which I’m still stuck in the snapshot paradigm.

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