SpokenWord.org — The Survey

We’ve just completed our annual survey of SpokenWord.org listeners and starting today I’ll be reporting some of the results here on Blogarithms. Overall:

  • We emailed a link to the survey to 3,176 registered members of SpokenWord.org.
  • 250 (8%) of those clicked through to the survey.
  • 174 started the survey.
  • 147 completed the survey.

“How important are…?” On a scale of 1 (Not for Me) to 3 (Important):

  • Audio (2.83) 86% said “Important (4.0)”
  • Video (1.91)
  • Free Audiobooks (2.29)
  • Paid (Audible.com) Audiobooks (1.70)

The ratio of audio/video is expected, but I was surprised to see the ratings of both free and paid audiobooks.

“Have you ever watched or listened to…?”

  • Public radio (70%)
  • Free audiobooks from Librivox.org (38%)
  • YouTube.edu (31%)
  • Paid audiobooks from Audible.com (27%)
  • Fora.tv (25%)
  • Free audiobooks from Podiobooks (20%)
  • WGBH Network Forum (11%)

Again, the surprise for me is the high percentage of listeners to both free and paid audiobooks.

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