CHI Conversations Launches

CHI Conversations is a new channel from The Conversations Network, the home if IT Conversations. “CHI” refers to Computer-Human Interfaces and this new channel initially features programs produced by BayCHI, the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of ACM’s SIGCHI. BayCHI has been recording the speakers at their monthly Silicon Valley meetings for many years, but those programs (many with extraordinary presentations by some of the great technologists of our times) have gone unheard by the general public until now.

Those recordings would have been lost forever if it weren’t for the efforts of BayCHI’s Steven Williams, backed by the support of BayCHI’s membership and Board of Directors. Steve has single-handedly pulled together all of the bits and pieces it takes to create a new channel on The Conversations Network. It has taken nearly a year of Steve’s efforts to get to this launch, and we’re indebted to him for his perseverance. Steve is now serving as Executive Producer of CHI Conversations.

Along with the members of TeamITC including new volunteers from BayCHI, Steve plans to publish their new monthly programs as well as work their way through the archives of past-year’s recordings at the rate of two or three programs each week.

One thought on “CHI Conversations Launches

  1. Thanks, Doug, for all of your guidance and especially your patience! We’ve been working on this a long time, and you’ve been consistently supportive. I’m pretty sure we first talked about this at the first Podcast Academy in late 2005!

    No way I could have done this single-handedly. I had lots of help from BayCHI volunteers and Conversations Network staff. PARC has donated the venue and A/V support for two decades.

    I’m excited to start working through our archived recordings and publishing future shows much more quickly. The Conversations Network is an important resource for the open exchange of ideas!

    Thanks again!


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