The Submission Wizard

Making it easier to submit content to has always been high on the to-do list. For the past seven weeks I’ve been working on a Submission Wizard, which I hope goes a long way towards that goal. It’s a wizard because it takes what you give it and tries to figure out what you meant. If you supply the URL of a media file, it will then ask you for an associated web page from which it will suggest the title, description and keywords. If you start by supplying a web-page URL, the wizard will scrape that page looking for RSS/Atom and OPML feeds. And whether it finds those feeds or you explicitly supply a feed’s URL, the wizard will give you choices of what to submit and what to add to your collection(s) before showing you all the steps it takes to follow your instructions.

After the RSS/Atom feed parser, which continues to be a maintenance challenge, the Submission Wizard is probably the most-complex single piece of code for the site. It weighs in at about 6,000 lines of new code and it’s certainly not done. Give it a try, and if it doesn’t do what you think it should, let me know. I’m particularly interested in finding more web pages that the Submission Wizard can learn how to scrape.

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