Trying to Crack YouTube Videos

Anyone out there have an idea how to solve this?

Over at we’re trying to figure out how to scrape YouTube pages (or pages with embedded YouTube players), then hack a video or ShockWave URL that we can include in the <enclosure> element of RSS feeds. We’ve been able to do this for programs in YouTube EDU such as this page (, which we convert to this media-file URL ( The latter URL can be played by standard Flash players, so we can include it in RSS feeds. But this only works for certain special cases such as YouTube EDU, not for mainstream YouTube pages.

One thought on “Trying to Crack YouTube Videos

  1. Are you looking to grab the h.264 version for the enclosure or derive the embed src?

    If the latter, you can derive the embed code directly from the url. For instance:

    The embed is:

    To build the embed, the url is modified as follows:

    [fs=1 is for full screen]
    That new value is used in both the object value and embed src.

    If you are doing the former, it is a bit trickier, as they have been locking that down a bit more.

    If you are just adding the embed to RSS, you should consider using mRSS with .


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