Problems at Podango

Late Saturday night I (and many others) received an email message from Podango stating “Our ability
to continue operations past the end of this year (2008) is in question” and suggesting that customers get their files off of the Podango servers ASAP. Last year a company that I co-founded with Michael Geoghegan (GigaVox Media) sold a system we called GigaVox Audio Lite to Podango, who renamed it Show Builder Lite. The sale included all of the servers, software, users — it was a free service — and their data to Podango. It was a complete and exclusive transfer of these assets, and Michael and I have therefore had no involvement in the operation of Show Builder Lite since that time.

Some people have asked the question, “Can’t GigaVox run the service again?” That’s highly unlikely. First, the service belongs to Podango at this time. Second, after a reshuffling of companies, I am no longer associated with GigaVox. I’m committed full-time to running The Conversations Network. That doesn’t mean that someone else couldn’t acquire Show Builder Lite from Podango, but that’s what would have to happen.

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