When we started The Conversations Network in 2005 we had a two-part mission in mind: our curated podcast channels, and a grassroots effort to record spoken-word events by connecting podcasters with events near them. Today, we’re launching that grassroots effort as PodCorps.org.

I urge every podcaster and videocaster to register at PodCorps.org. Tell us where you live and how you can help capture, preserve and publish those important spoken-word events that would otherwise evaporate forever. Can you record audio or video? How about post-production, graphics or copyrighting? Just check the boxes in your profile.

This is your chance to use your podcasting skills to give back to your community. How cool is that? Podcasting as a public service! At the same time, you’ll be able to share with and learn from other members of PodCorps.org.

Again, that’s PodCorps.org — a place that should be part of every podcaster’s life.

First blog post: Jon Udell, who is particularly intrigued with the concepts of visible demand and lightweight service integration using tags.

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