Pop!Tech: The Stream

Pop!Tech 2004 was arguably the most-popular event ever published on IT Conversations, and this year’s event looks even better. But if you can’t make it to Camden, Maine, October 19-22 — the event is nearly sold out — have we got a deal for you:

Through the extraordinary cooperation of the folks at Pop!Tech and Limelight Networks, we’ll be broadcasting a free live audio stream of the entire event. That’s right, I’ll be geting up at 5am Pacific time each day and dragging myself into Studio 2 to host the program via the remote ISDN feed from the Camden opera house.

But wait — there’s more!

During the breaks, we’ll bring you the greatest music of all types from the Podsafe Music Network, hosted by the various musical hosts of the PodShow Music Shows inlcuding the host of Accident Hash and the Manager of the Podsafe Music Network, C.C. Chapman.

Mark those dates on your calendar, and check back here (or subscribe) for details.

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