IT Conversations in The Boston Globe

Scott Kirsner wrote a good article on podcasting that appears in the business section of today’s Boston Globe and mentions IT Conversations.

Doug Kaye operates one of the best podcasting sites,, which collects interviews and panel discussions with big thinkers like Harvard Business School’s Clay Christensen, chief executive Jeff Bezos, and author Malcolm Gladwell. Last year, Kaye put up an electronic ”tip jar” on the site, which so far has collected donations of $10 or $20 from about 130 listeners. He works about 70 hours a week on the site. ”ITConversations is my labor of love, but it’s also my full-time gig,” Kaye writes by e-mail. ”Most other people don’t have that luxury – to be able to devote themselves full time to podcasting.” Kaye estimates that his Internet bandwidth would cost about $5,000 a month — if it weren’t donated to him by a site sponsor.

My wife says, “70 hours? That would be only ten hours per day every day! It’s got to be more than that.”

One thought on “IT Conversations in The Boston Globe

  1. Doug, you’re the best at presenting useful info and I’m very grateful that you put this site together. I hope you have the strength to continue for many years to come and find an advertising bus. model to pay for it. Thanks
    Dave Nelson, President


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