Where Do You Listen?

Scott Loftesness wonders about the podcasting phenomenon and suggests, “I can see IT professionals deciding its worthwhile for them to listen to his podcasts at work — not at home, not in the car or the airplane but in the office.”

My sense (anecdotally) is that more IT Conversations fans listen during their commutes or while exercising than at work. I should probably add this to my survey questions.

As for who’s going to become the Arbitron of podcasting, I’d say that so far it’s the blogosphere and through analysis of links first by Google, then Technorati.

As with radio, podcatching (listening) is anonymous. But unlike radio, it’s not cost effective to penetrate the anonymity of the listenership through sampling. The podcast audience is miles wide but very thin. By virtue of the scarcity of spectrum, the radio and TV listener pools are smaller and deeper, making them more economical to sample using Arbitron-like methods.

4 thoughts on “Where Do You Listen?

  1. Like many others, I do listen to podcasts when going up and down the Valley for meetings (my commute is just 10-15 minutes so not really appropriate). However it is the week-end that I get caught up with my listening whilst doing the groceries shopping for the family. I load up a bunch of podcasts on my SMT5600 (aka the Scoble phone) and listen to as many as I can (starting with the Gillmor Gang :-).


  2. I’m also a car listener, but I also listen at my desk … I find that I listen to about 4-6 hours of podcasts a day just to keep up, but I’m one of those persons who need background noise to work well.

    I use to listen to Rush in the afternoon, but more often, now it’s Adam Curry or Steve Gilmor.


  3. I listen to IT Conversations’ podcasts in the evenings or during the weekends. I mostly telecommute and work from home; I don’t use my car a lot.

    I do need to exercise more, but I don’t like it; so I tought that listening to interesting podcasts would make it more bearable. I bought my MP3 player for that reason… A perfect excuse for the new toy 😉
    I have yet to start exercising.


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