IT Conversations Update 2005.01.07

(Hear the MP3 version.)

During the past week on IT Conversations:

New Programs

  • Bill Gross announces his new search-engine company, snap, at the Web 2.0 Conference.
  • The Gillmor Gang becomes The Gillmor Gaggle as nine of the world’s experts in digital identity discuss the technologies. It may start slow, but stick with this one through the second half when Dave Winer and Kim Cameron debate Microsoft’s past and future DID strategies.
  • Johanna Rothman, an expert in project management, is interviewed by Roy Osherove.
  • Jerry Fiddler, the founder of Wind River, offers a glimpse to his vision of the future and how this “world system” will evolve through the convergence of multiple technologies resulting in one, giant interoperable system. Part of the SDForum Distinguished Speaker Series.
  • James P. Hogan and host Dave Slusher discuss how the film 2001 started Hogan on a career as an author, on his relationship with Marvin Minsky and the world of artificial intelligence, on writing about space and space travel, whether there is a feedback loop between scientists and science fiction writers, the post-scarcity economics of distributing entertainment online and much more.
  • From Accelerating Change 2004, Gee Rittenhouse, the VP of Wireless Research for Lucent Technologies’ Bell Labs presents the evolution from 2G to 3G standards, the migration from circuit to packet applications, the procession of voice to data, and the industry incorporating new access technologies such as WiFi and WiMAX. All of this is occuring in a market place where voice subscriber penatration levels in many parts of the world are saturating and there is incredible pressure to reduce network capital and operating costs.
  • This week Dr. Moira Gunn interviews Tiffany Shlain, a filmmaker, the chair of The Webby Awards and co-founder of the International Academy of Digital Arts andSciences. They talk about trends and counter-trends on the World Wide Web.
  • Moira also speaks with journalist Douglas Mulhall. His new book The Calcium Bomb deals with the controversial subject of nanobacteria.
  • And in the BioTech Nation segment, Dame Julia Polak shares her experience as one of Britain’s longest surviving heart/lung transplant recipients, and how it has affected her scientific research in tissue engineering.

Other News

  • All of the IT Conversations RSS feeds now appear within a special category in this OPML-based directory of Podcasts.
  • MP3 Stereo: There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about the overhead for stereo in MP3s. Don’t believe it! Check out my essay on MP3 stereo on the IT Conversations wiki.
  • Phone-In Comments: Got comments about IT Conversations or a particular program? Call our voicemail line at 206.202.TALK (206.202.8255). I may put your comments into a future program.
  • Where’s My Email? If you subscribe to IT Conversations announcements by email, you may have noticed how empty your inbox is this week. With more than one new program per day, some people complained of receiving too many announcements. So this is my experiment of batching the announcements for a full week together into a single message. Let me know which you like better. Comments on the blog, email to, or call the comment line at 206.202.TALK.

Happy New Year, and thanks for listening.

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