WGBH Forum Podcast (Tech and More)

I had a nice chat earlier today with Eli Ingraham, the director of the WGBH Forum Network, an online archive of live an on-demand lectures given by Boston’s leading academic and cultural institutions.

WGBH Forum has over 600 lectues in their archive and are in the process of rolling the project out nationally with other public broadcasting stations who will curate local content in their cities and contribute it to a central national archive, which WGBH ‘controls.’ So far their audio and video are only available for streaming (not download) and only in RealNetworks formats. They started RSS feeds in November and are now in the process of clearing rights to podcast some of the material.

The movement towards free and worldwide access to great presentations continues!

4 thoughts on “WGBH Forum Podcast (Tech and More)

  1. Rick, It was my mistake. I had a typo in the URL when Dave reported the problem. I’ve since fixed it. BTW, thanks for all your groundbraking work with podcasts at WGBH.


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