Even Russ is Hooked

Russell Beattie blogged:

I drove down to work this morning and listened to Adam Curry on my new MuVo and was quite entertained for most of the ride down (he’s actually a great morning DJ) and then coming back I listened to most of Jerry Fiddler’s talk over at IT Conversations. WOW! What a difference it made to my hour long commute! I almost didn’t want to get out of the car tonight. No searching for a station, no frustration in the topics that NPR is talking about tonight and though I love her dearly, no Terri Gross. Awesome!

Russ’ post is a great explanation of the Podcatching experience.

I’ve collected just a fraction of the kudos for IT Conversations, but it’s nice to hear that Russ has caught the Podcasting bug.

2 thoughts on “Even Russ is Hooked

  1. Have listened to a few of Adam Curry’s podcasts and didn’t really find them that entertaining in spite of all the rave revues. Maybe I just happened on the dull ones. On the other hand, I’ve enjoyed every IT Conversations broadcast I’ve listened to. Keep up the good work Doug!


  2. Well Adam does a tremendous job for Pocasting and his ethusiasm for Pocasting has brought a whole new meaning to radio. But its not for everybody I guess but this is just the begining of something great. IT Conversations and Adam Curry were the first two podcasts I listened to and are still my favourites.


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