So Many Bloggers, So Little Time

The problem with audioblogs is real-time playback. It’s not too bad…yet. I can listen to all of Adam’s shows, and Dave’s posts, but at 45-90 minutes a day, it already ain’t easy. There are audio blogs I want to listen to on a regular basis, but I just don’t have the time. (As it is, to produce IT Conversations I’ve got the headphones on for many hours a day.)

So what happens when we hit critical blog-mass? Are we already there? Like Scoble, I can use RSS to scan a whole lotta text blogs in a short period of time, but there’s no way (yet) to do that with audio. What’s the solution? Is it meta-blogging (bloggers who help us find the best-of other blogs)? Will excerpts help? I dunno.

2 thoughts on “So Many Bloggers, So Little Time

  1. There’s technology out there that can speed up listening of mp3’s. It’ll take out the spaces, shorten vowels etc. It’s called Time Scale Modification.


  2. Time. Yeah. Good observation Doug.

    Podcasters, seems to me, are making some fundamental errors regarding their podcasts. Producing shows of 45 minutes and so. Mimicking broadcasters. Some – or all – might do best to spend a little time editing. None of this is live, there is no demand to stay on the clock. If podcasters were to think of their podcasts as a song – or a blog post for that matter – and come in at one and a half to two to three minutes, we might all be a bit better off.


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