IT Conversations at Gnomedex

Yahoo!, in association with, presents Gnomedex 4: Geeks Gone Wild! this week September 30th through October 2nd 2004, and IT Conversations will be there. Speaking this year will be Steve Wozniak (Woz), Robert Scoble, Chris DiBona, Jim Louderback, and Dan and Steve Gillmor. We will be streaming the audio all day Friday and Saturday including a special live edition of The Gillmor Gang. And for those who can’t be there or listen to the live broadcast, IT Conversations will PodCast all of the sessions beginning next week, so have your iPods linked to our RSS feeds. So head for and look for links to Gnomedex 4. And thanks for listening.

(The IT Conversations coverage of Gnomedex 4 is sponsored by Yahoo!, Limelight Networks, Magnatune Music and DecisionCast.)

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