The MobileMe Upgrade Mess

I predict that we’re only seeing the beginning of Apple’s horribly botched migration from .Mac to MobileMe. I’ve been following the discussions on the Apple’s forums, and I’m not the only one with some rather serious problems. My personal issues (shared by others) include:

  • Usernames aren’t necessarily carried over to Mobile Me. My .Mac ID is But apple has allowed someone else to register the ID
  • iDisk is down, and there’s no word from Apple when it will be fixed. I rely in iDisk to keep multiple computers in sync. I store all sorts of things there such as a page of bookmarks and a password database (using 1Password). This a fee-based service, and the multi-day outage is a significant blunder.
  • My fear is that when you combine the above two issues, the recovery is going to be ugly. The WebDAV configuration used to access the iDisk appears to also be hosed or at least confused.

I don’t normally think in these terms, but if I were running Apple, there are a number of people who would lose their jobs over the way the iPhone/iPod 2.0 and MobileMe migration has been deployed. I’ll cut Twitter some slack for their infrastructure problems — they’re still a startup — but Apple has no excuse. This will cost them bigtime in their efforts to penetrate the enterprise market. And I’m going to pass on buying that iPhone after all. I think I’ll just stick with my Blackberry and iPod Touch for now. I’ve lost a lot of faith in Apple over this.

Update 7/12/08 1:30pmPDT: Tried a Software Update and got MobileMe 1.1. I can know access my iDisk, but for some reason they moved it from file:///Volumes/iDisk/ to file:///Volumes/dougkaye/, so code I’ve written to use the iDisk has to be reconfigured. Still can’t login to MobileMe via System Preferences, however. Doesn’t like my auth.