Sony a6000

The a6000 replaces Sony’s NEX-6 and at only $600 (body only, street price) you might think this is just another entry-level camera, comparable to a point-and-shoot. But you’d be wrong. Sony claims this is the world’s fastest autofocusing mirrorless camera and is now the top-of-the-line in their APS-C sensor line.

I put the a6000 through some serious usage tests including an intense week of shooting on the streets of New York City. And while Frederick and I lament the fact that Sony still doesn’t appear to understand the value of features like touch screens and external mic jacks, you’ll also hear whether I think the a6000 is a good choice regardless of these weaknesses.

4 thoughts on “Sony a6000

  1. I appreciate and admire your reviews. I know you also bought an a7 and now own the A6000. I have this combo as well. I have found the FE mount lenses to be great with the A6000 which I was hoping you comment on in the video review since you had the 35mm on at the start. The 55mm makes a fantastic portrait lens.
    Since the A7 and A6000 are both 24mp and have many of the same features how do you feel about the A7? Are you thinking about moving to an A7R or A7S or do you feel there is enough difference in the A7 and A6000 to keep them both?


  2. Thanks, Steve. I haven’t really tried the FE lenses on the a6000. I guess that’s because I have a good set of crop-sensor lenses from my previous NEX-6 and -7. I think I just grabbed that 35mm because it was small. 🙂 I’ve got that FE 55mm f/1.8 and like it as well, but again I’ve never used it on the a6000. I’ve only had the new camera for about a month, and so far I’ve used it pretty much for street photography (with the 18-200mm LE) and a few other crop lenses. I’m still using the a7 for everything else. I don’t need the a7R because I don’t print larger than 24″x36″. But I do have an a7S on order and will have it in a few days.


  3. Hi Doug, thanks for the great review. I have been researching and talking to people but can’t seem to get any solid advice. My dilemma, I have a 5D mk2 and I want to modernize. Do you think the image quality on the A6000 is on par with a 5D? Or am expecting too much from the A6000 and should consider the A7 to keep the comparisons fair?
    Thanks for any advice you may have.


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