MVFF: Red Hill (A-)

I loved this movie. It’s a modern-day “kangaroo western” (yes, from Australia) in an updated Sergio Leone style. I’m generally not a fan of westerns, but I have the feeling that if I were, I would have caught all sorts of references to other films. The lead character is a rookie deputy named Shane, if that’s a clue.

If you like the films of Tarantino and Rodriquez, this is one for you. Not only is it hilarious — think Pulp Fiction on horseback — but it is one of the most gorgeously photographed films I’ve seen in recent years. Every shot is a work of art, and I mean that: every one. The music and sound are also superb as are the actors. I don’t know how wide a U.S. release Red Hill will get, but this is one that’s worth going out of your way to see. Fun and great filmmaking.

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