MVFF: The Reverse (B)

The best thing about the Mill Valley Film Festival (and other festivals) is getting to see those foreign or domestic small films that you just know will never be in theaters. And the best of these are often in the “quirky” category. The Reverse is a stylized black-and-white Polish film set in Stalinist Warsaw. I guess you’d call it a black comedy. It’s black in that there are sinister goings on. It’s a comedy in that the characters and plot are absolutely  zany. The prim-and-proper female lead starts off terrified that she’s going to be arrested for owning a single gold coin. (Holding gold was apparently illegal at this time in Poland.) She shares an apartment with her mother and grandmother, both of whom are trying to find her a husband. Her suitors are not only very odd, they also drive the plot into entirely unexpected territories of secret police, crimes and cover ups in an almost farcical (but yet dark!) style. Recommended.

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