MVFF: Nowhere Boy (B)

A more accurate title might have been John Lennon’s Mother. Let’s face it, making a film about the childhood of a famous person ain’t easy. This one started out simplistic but grew on me over the course of the movie. I guess director Sam Taylor-Wood felt he had to include those cute reminders of who John Lennon was, how he met McCartney and Harrison, etc., but I could have done without the cute stuff. Luckily, the film gets past that and focuses on Lennon’s totally messed up childhood. He’s played by Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) who does a more-than-credible job in a challenging role. Cessna and I both kept expecting that big chord that starts out Hard Day’s Night. Thankfully, Taylor-Wood showed restraint and never succumbed to including Beatles tunes in the soundtrack. Don’t go out of your way for this one, but don’t avoid it either.

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