Wanna Share Trey Ratcliff’s HDR Workshop DVDs?

Trey Ratcliff has been an inspiration to me and many others in the world of HDR photography. I often find his work to be way over the top, but I’d love to be able to do what he does and adapt it in my own style. Trey has released two eBooks (PDFs) about HDR and now has a series of either three ($197) or four ($397) DVDs entitled HDR Workshop. I really want to watch all 6 hours and 28 minutes of the premium set, but there’s just no way I’m going to spend more than $60/hour, even with his offer to join the online “clubhouse”. At $199 for the full set I might bite, but not at nearly $400.

So as I predict will happen frequently with these overpriced DVDs, I’m looking for partners. If I can find four others who will each chip in $75, I’ll buy the Premium Package and share them. Here’s how it will work:

  • Four people commit and send me $75 each via PayPal.
  • I’ll send the first DVD to the first partner who commits.
  • When partner #1 is done with DVD #1, s/he sends it to partner #2.
  • When partner #2 tells me s/he has received DVD #1, I’ll send DVD #2 to partner #1, etc.
  • Each partner is expected to watch and send out each DVD within a week of receiving it.
  • With tax and shipping, I’ll be paying nearly 2x what everyone else pays, so I get to keep the DVDs at the end.

You’ll get to view $400 worth (?) of DVDs for only $75. My theory is that by sending it out only one DVD at a time we can minimize hoarding along the way. No one gets a new DVD until the next partner along the way gets the previous DVD. The only disadvantage is that each partner will have to mail four separate DVDs to the next person, but that only adds a few dollars and a little effort. The first partner should get disc #1 quickly. (I’ll put myself at the end of the list.) Partner #4 won’t get DVD #1 until late September.

Want to join the partnership? Email me at doug@rds.com. Once we have four partners (plus me), I’ll place the order. (U.S. only, please.)

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