Shoutout to Limelight Networks

I was doing some bookkeeping this evening and was thinking back over the 6+ years since I started IT Conversations. Balancing the bank account reminded me of how much we’ve been able to do with so little money. There are many individuals and corporate partners/underwriters who help us bring The Conversations Network to you for free. But there’s probably none that has been as important to our success as Limelight Networks, our content-delivery network (CDN). If you’ve streamed or downloaded any audio or video file from The Conversations Network in the past five years, it was delivered by Limelight. And since our relationship began in February of 2004 — that’s a whole lot of terabytes ago — we’ve never had a single complaint about performance, reliability or availability of our media files. Oh, and 48% of our visitors are from outside of the U.S. Pretty impressive.

So I’d like to extend a very special Thank You to Limelight Networks for their continued support of IT Conversations and the rest of The Conversations Network. We absolutely couldn’t be doing this without them.

BTW, if you’re wondering why I’m posting this seemingly over-the-top Thanks, it’s because I mean it. It’s entirely unsolicited. Limelight Networks has been awesome, and I hope you’ll consider them for your own content-delivery needs.

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