Happy Birthday to You

Today is the 6th anniversary of the first IT Conversations program, which pre-dated podcasting by about 15 months. And who was our second guest? None other than Phil Windley, who is now Executive Producer of the channel. What you may not realize is that Phil has actually presided over IT Conversations for longer than I did — he began his stint in April 2006 — and has certainly published the majority of the channel’s 1,895 programs to date.

Behind Phil is TeamITC: our worldwide gang of 40 audio engineers, website editors and series producers headed by Paul Figgiani (audio) and Joel Tscherne (producers) who do all the heavy lifting to bring you new high-quality programs every day. The same team also brings you Social Innovation Conversations, in collaboration with the Center for Social Innovation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (Bernadette Clavier, Executive Producer) and soon to be launched, CHI Conversations (Steve Williams, EP).

We’re so used to doing this day in and day out, that it’s easy to forget our own history. For example, as Ian Forrester pointed out this morning, we were one of the first (perhaps *the* first) to publish conferences online for free. It began with our live audio streams from the O’Reilly Digital Democracy Teach-In and Emerging Technology Conference in Ferbruary, 2004.

Here’s a special thanks to everyone on the team including those who have helped us and moved on to other endeavors. Approximately 145 people have been members of TeamITC at one time or another. And thanks to all our listeners, fans and particularly donors and supporters who help us pay the bills.

Happy Birthday to You.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to You

  1. Amazing. ITC was/is one of those wonderful concepts that seem simple in hindsight but has changed the lives of many people. A marvelous example of how one person can inspire a team to do great things on the web. Congrats, Doug and happy birthday, ITC.


  2. Congratulations. ITC is one of the main reasons I have the iPod always with me. You are a pioneer of the importance of audio, and the ITC podcast are a constant source of inspiration for people who live far away from the mythical silicon valley culture.


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