The Conversations Network: Board Meeting Report

What an amazing Board of Directors we have. In addition to Jon Udell, David Weinberger and Jake Shapiro, today we elected Brian Gruber of to the board then spent the rest of our time in informal session. Discussion highlights included:

  • is not being used. We may put it into cold storage until we can find someone or some organization to champion it.
  • What’s the 3-5 year strategy? Should The Conversations Network merge with another compatible non-profit?
  • Our traditional channels (eg, IT Conversations) are solid and stable.
  • is the future growth of The Conversations Network.
  • How can best serve the public? Academia? The press/media? Libraries?
  • Should we exercise more of our own curatorial control and influence? Serendipity only goes so far.
  • How are we better than any other aggregator? Open APIs are critical to creating value.
  • What benefit do we offer our content provider/partners?

Yes, we asked more questions than we answered, but that’s what a good board meeting is all about.

2 thoughts on “The Conversations Network: Board Meeting Report

  1. I’m curious to learn more about the comment, since I signed up way back when. Looks like the sign-ups never made the 1,000 target. Can you provide more color?


  2. Gary: has simply suffered from lack of attention. We were hoping to free-up a member of our team to manage and promote the service, but that hasn’t happened. And while we’ve been successful at recruiting stringers, we don’t have a good strategy to bring in event producers or others who need stringers’ services.


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