One thought on “100,000 Programs

  1. I have an issue with content on

    There must be over 100,000 programs by now, and to me they are like a penny jar. Simply too many pennies not to be intimating.

    I am an avid podcast listener and have subscribed to many feeds via iTunes. I came to SpokenWord to look around and find new content and all I see are pennies – thousands of pennies.

    I tried to search for some of my favorite shows but came-up empty. My search of CBC Spark resulted in zero hits, even though I see some individual episodes floating around when I wallow through the programs.

    There has to be a better way to meta-tag all these pennies so they make sense. The broad stroke of categorization does not hold-up, especially with the number of new pennies being added each week.

    When I hear a program mentioned – like Spark for instance – no one says, “Hey listen to Episode 56.” No they say, “Hey listen to this week’s Spark.” How do I hunt that down?

    The UI is not intuitive in that way.

    I miss the old Yahoo directory. It was a great tree to drill down to find the result I was after. Something akin to that would be great. Country – Source – Topic – Show – Episode Canada – CBC – Technology – Spark – episodes.

    I defy you to find this week’s CBC’s Search Engine podcast in under 2 minutes.


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