A few weeks ago we started using an online service,, for all The Conversations Network’s web sites including is one of those services like Google Analytics and They do one relatively small thing and they do it very well. In the case of, it’s website or application-software feedback. On, for example, you’ll notice the yellow triangle that always floats in the lower-right corner of your browser. Click it, and you get a convenient form for sending us feedback, reporting a bug, etc. From the user’s perspective, it couldn’t be much easier. But the real magic is on our side. For example, here’s just some of the metadata we get from when you report a problem:

For debugging a web site, this is invaluable. It typically saves us at least one complete email exchange with someone reporting a problem. No longer do we have to ask, “What OS and browser are you using?” Given that we’re still at the stage where we have a fair number of JavaScript and CSS problems, this alone has made deploying worthwhile. In fact, I was initialy concerned that adding a floating widget to our pages would itself create CSS nightmares, but my fears have proven unfounded. We’re not getting ay complaints about it. And ever since we added the widget, our website feedback has increased about 400%. I only wish we’d had it avaialble during our alpha-test. Very cool.

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