The Best Election Coverage You’ve Never Heard

Like many, I’ve become a cable-new junkie. I spend far too much time flipping back-and-forth between CNN and MSNBC looking for the least-objectionable coverage of the same old stuff, over and over again. But for a refreshingly different perspective, for unique stories that you probably won’t find anywhere else, I’ve been listening to ’08 Conversations. Today’s show is a great example:

How are young adults dealing with the issues of elections and government? Are they more or less likely to vote? As a part of the first post-September 11th generation, their opinions and actions are thought-provoking. Amina Al-Sadi, a college freshman, is featured in an excerpt from a public radio special produced by and for teenagers.

PRX’s Charles Lane has spent the past five months finding these terrific programs from independent radio producers, working with our own series producer, Joel Tscherne, to bring you a new show every Monday. Visit ’08 Conversations. I’m sure you’ll find something inspiring, different and a cut above the TV noise.

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