Calls for Obama

We went to the local DNC headquarters again today to make get-out-the-vote calls into northern Florida for the Obama campaign. Amazing turnout: maybe 100+ people will mobile phones in every nook and cranny, even sitting on the sidewalk outside. Our little local office alone is aiming for 20,000 calls/day for this last weekend.

Lots of nice people in Florida. Even McCain supporters were polite. One guy said he and his wife had alread voted for McCain, but he wasn’t sure for whom his son (the person I was calling) was voting for because he was in Iraq. My favorite was the woman who said her husband wasn’t at home, but she was going to “make sure he gets his ass down there on Tuesday!” She said he had already waited two hours in line on Thursday, but couldn’t stay longer. A huge percentage we spoke to had already voted. Seems quite common in Florida. Overall, it’s very satisfying to make these calls. Other than giving money, it’s one activity that makes you feel like you’re making a difference. I hope to be back there tomorrow.

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