Soundflavor: A Good Finding/Sharing Service

In my research planning our new site for finding and sharing recordings of spoken-word events, I came across Soundflavor, a site doing something similar for music. I’m still learning my way around Soundflavor, but it seems to me that it has nearly all the features we want in a spoken-word site, and it seems to be very well implemented. Looking at Soundflavor, what would you do differently for a spoken-word finding/sharing service?

2 thoughts on “Soundflavor: A Good Finding/Sharing Service

  1. Very interesting, Doug. The playlists and tagging functionality in particular look useful and well done. It does indeed appear to have basically what you’d be looking for in such a site.


  2. A couple spring to mind
    Recording location / venue / event (would link to map API have value)
    Recording date

    Like the idea of playlist this could be a way to curate a virtual conference or collect all the talks about subject with some cometary.


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