Help Wanted

As we continue to grow The Conversations Network and begin our Phase 2 development, we need to expand our staff management team. We’re looking for volunteers to help with the following:

  • AdWords Manager. Thanks to Google we’ve got a large monthly AdWords budget. But if you’ve ever used AdWords, you know how much time and experience it takes to use it properly. We need one or two people with AdWords experience to help us create and manage campaigns for IT Conversations and Social Innovation Conversations.
  • Manager. PodCorps.Org is a critical element of our Phase 2 plan, and it needs a manager all its own. If you share the vision and want to help accelerate its growth, here’s your chance.
  • Pay-to-Play Manager. We’re building a whole-new post-production service based on the success of TeamITC, and we need that special entreprenurial person to take the ball and run with it. This position could evolve to a full-time role with appropriate compensation.
  • Wiki/Forum Webmaster. We’re expanding our wiki (MediaWiki) and forum (punBB), and need experienced admins to help them grow.

If you’re interested in any of these projects, please email me directly. All of these are (at least for now) volunteer positions without compensation. The Conversations Network is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

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