StackOverflow with Joel Spolsky & Jeff Atwood Join IT Conversations

I’m thrilled to announce that StackOverflow, a weekly podcast with software-development gurus Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, has joined IT Conversations. Episode #8 (the first on our network) was published yesterday.

StackOverflow is an informal two-person chat. But don’t confuse this series with rambling podcasts you may find on the ‘Net. Phil Windley and I invited Jeff and Joel to bring their show to IT Conversations because of them. They’re two of the most highly regarded members of the software-development community.

2 thoughts on “StackOverflow with Joel Spolsky & Jeff Atwood Join IT Conversations

  1. Doug, the show sounds interesting enough and I’ll check it out. I wonder why you feel like you need to pump it up by taking a broad swipe at the medium and those other, you know, “rambling podcasts.” ITC work stands by itself, why does it require any statement about the quality of anyone else’s work? All that does is promote the stereotype that the medium is full of poor quality content which doesn’t do you any good.

    As our buddy Steve Gillmor would say, “that’s Clinton spin.”


  2. Dave: I’m not a fan of most 2+ person podcasts. I have limited time to listen, and I prefer programs in which someone has invested some time and effort to make my listening experience worthwhile and efficient. I’d rather hear a 1+1 interview than two people just gabbing, and I find that the more people you add, the worse it gets. There are exceptions, of course, which is my point. If you get *really* interesting people, it’s always going to be good. Hence the value of StackOverflow, Technometria, etc. But I still prefer well-researched interviews with good guests and hosts. Oh, and I do think the medium is full of poor quality content. Is that so strange? Isn’t that the case for every medium?


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