Better than Video: Slideshows

We get many requests for videos of conference sessions in addition to MP3 files. Virtually every time we ask why, it’s because people want to see the slides. Most of the online conference videos you see are some combination of a presenter standing at a podium and blurry shots of a projection screen. What people really want is a high-resolution slideshow with synchronized audio. You asked for it; we did it.

Today, The Conversations Network published our first slideshow from a third-party conference. For no particular reason other than our internal production schedule, it’s the presentation by Jane McGonigal, Lead Game Designer at Institute for the Future, at last year’s O’Reilly Media Emerging Technology Conference (ETech). Let us know what you think. And expect a lot more slideshow-versions of programs as we’re able to get access to presenters’ PowerPoint and Keynote files.

4 thoughts on “Better than Video: Slideshows

  1. Hi,

    When taking a live presentation and re-purposing it to the web – I think incorporating the slides along with audio in this manner really provides that feeling of being there. Nice work.

    I’d be curious to learn about how you created this “audio slideshow”. I’ve recently released a software tool for doing this very thing and I’ve tried to make it as efficient as possible. Any type of video production can very time consuming.

    It’s called Presio and it allows you to easily synchronize slides (PowerPoint or static images) with existing audio or video files. You can also record live audio or video and synch slides simultaneously.

    Anyhow, just wanted to mention it. Thanks.



  2. Nice work. I have appreciated ITC’s mp3’s for two years, while driving, biking, walking, etc. But sometimes I really wish I could see the slides. From my viewpoint, there is much upside and no downside for having the high-resolution slideshow with synchronized audio.


  3. Very cool. Great stuff!
    I really like what you are doing and am proud to have become a subscriber this evening.

    On Slideshows, what might be really cool (if a bit iPod-centric) is if you could get the slides into a AAC podcast so that you could see the slides on your iPod screen and have them sync up with the audio too. Yeah iPod only but that would be really cool.


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