How Should We Grow Our Traffic?

Another important topic, posted to our discussion forums. One of the keys to our future success will be our ability to increase listenership and visits to our web sites. As Dan Gillmor taught me, there are many more good ideas from the ranks of our listeners and producers than from within the management team. So I’m throwing this out to everyone: What should we be doing to increase the listenership to The Conversations Network?

Content: Do we need to improve the quality of our programs? Are we publishing the best events? Are our interview programs everything they can be? When podcasting was the hot new thing, we had more links from bloggers. What should we be doing to increase our relevance and hence the linking activity?

Slide Presentations: One thing we are doing that I’m confident will substantially increase the value of what we do for our listeners is to publish slide shows synchronized with the presentation audio. Real soon now!

Marketing: This is the big one. What should we be doing in the way of marketing?. I had this great idea to include postcards in the registration handouts at conferences. But when I did the math I was shocked at how much it would cost us relative to the number of new listeners we would likely acquire. What free or particularly cost-effective marketing programs would work for The Conversations Network?

More? You tell us!

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