Parallels vs. VMware Fusion

I’ve been running Parallels on my Mac Pro, but I decided to check our VMware Fusion on my new MacBook Pro. I’m using Windows XP Home Edition in both cases, just so that I can run IE6, IE7 and a few other Windows programs. So far I can report that VMware Fusion has a simpler installation process. Not that Parallels is difficult, but it’s actually easier to install Windows XP under VMware Fusion than it is to install XP on a native machine. So far, not a single glitch.

5 thoughts on “Parallels vs. VMware Fusion

  1. Nice to know about how to easy is the installation process but I would like to know coming out from somebody who have been using both which one would ypu recomend, in short, just help me with this: which one do you recomend ?.


  2. I’ve just installed VMWare Fusion and have XP running fine. But are you running BOTH IE 6 and 7 with yours? If so, how do you install a second version without wiping out the first?


  3. If you want to run office simply get office for the Mac. I’m sure that you know that the first computers to run Word were Macs. You could of course also use Apples pages for the FREE Neooffice. running windows on a mac to access MS office is a lot of hoops to jump through when office 2008 student/teacher edition can be had for $150 or so at most retailers or university bookstores.


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