Clips are Back!

Two weeks ago I implemented the ETCO frame in the ID3 tags of The Conversations Network’s MP3 files. Tonight I re-implemented the Excerpt/Clip feature as well. Here’s an example of a URL that plays a specified excerpt from one of my favorite IT Conversations interviews: one I conducted with security expert Bruce Schneier back in 2004: Note that the start/stop times can now be specified within fractions of a second. Go ahead — click on that link and see what you get.

To create your own clips from our shows, just click on the “Excerpt” button on any show-detail page and it will take you to the Clip/Excerpt Creator page. Details are in the companion FAQ Page.

One thought on “Clips are Back!

  1. This clip sure is interesting since i have seen and heard many security checks like throwing water and baby milk bottles in the trash can in London Airport for safety reasons, while huge number of lauggages routinely missed and lost and nobody questioning things. It is clearly a form of mind-conditioning to accept authority without question.


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