Kindle Goes, TimesReader Arrives

I sold my Amazon Kindle on eBay today for $610. Too bad I can’t unload other disappointing gadgets for a profit like that. I’m back to reading books on the Sony PRS-505. Much better ergonomics even if the store, selection, prices and download process are all inferior to the Kindle’s. Fact is, I spend a lot more time reading than downloading anyway. And when you’re stupid enough to pay $300 or more for a gadget, the cost of the books isn’t all that significant.

I still want to dump my hardcopy subscription to the NY Times if I can find a viable alternative, so now I’m trying out the TimesReader per Scott Loftesness‘ recommendation. Like Scott, I’ve got to run it under Parallels on the Mac, but if that doesn’t work out well, I may move on to the Electronic Edition, which uses Flash instead of a local app.

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